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1. Club History

Bournville Hockey Club was founded in 1902 as a section of the Bournville Athletic Club joining,inter alia, Football,Cricket,Netball and Gymnastics. The first Men's fixture was on November 15th against Small Heath which we lost 4-1. (Men's fixtures 1902-1903) The same year Ladies hockey was attempted for some weeks but was found impractical "due to the severe slope of the ground, which made it impossible for players on the lower level to combine with those on the upper". In 1904 a new pitch was laid in the Girls Grounds and the Ladies had their first game against Highbury on October 22nd which we won 15-0 and afterwards both teams were "entertained in the forewomen's dining room". (Men 1905) By the end of the season both the Men and the Ladies were running two teams .(Ladies 1906). The Ladies added a third team in 1907,a fourth in 1908 and a fifth in 1911.

In February 1909 Bournville hosted a divisional South v Midlands match "the most interesting in the history of the game" before a record attendance of around 2000 and in November hosted the County Championship - Worcestershire v Derbyshire. In 1914 Hockey at Bournville was suspended for the duration of the War.

The Inter-War years saw a boom in Hockey at Bournville especially with the Ladies who by 1922 were fielding eight teams which they maintained throughout the period. The Men increased to three teams in 1929. (Mens 1sts 1927) Hockey was added to the Bournville Boys' Club portfolio in 1922 and a successful inter-departmental competition was established. In 1927 a Ladies International (England v South Africa) was hosted at Bournville .During this period many Bournville players represented Worcestershire amongst them Arthur Melley who played in every County game for ten + years. 1935 saw Bournville's first trip to the Easter Hockey Festival at Worthing. Throughout County,Divisional and International games were frequently played on "The Rec'.

Once again Hockey,as everything else,was disrupted by War,but post war soon began to thrive at Bournville with Phil Hewitt remarking that "only a heavy roller was needed to complete our Hockey Utopia (Men c 1950) and the Ladies beginning the first of many annual pilgrimages to Ramsgate (Ladies at Ramsgate 1953) In 1955 David Griffith-Jones was selected for Wales to become Bournville's first international player.

When the first fledging Midlands League was formed in 1970, Bournville were successful enough to become Worcestershire's representative in the new properly- structured Midlands League. Bournville were Champions of this League five times between 1977 and 1988. (Champions 1977-1978) The National Hockey League was formed in 1988 and Bournville, as one of the Midlands top five clubs, were promoted to Division Two. Promotion to Division One was achieved as Champions in 1991. Following restructuring of the National League in 1996 a Premier League of 12 clubs was established with Bournville being relegated to Division One. They finished as Champions of this in 1998 and were promoted again to the Premier League. Many of the squad of the early 80s have remained at Bournville and helped us reach the Final of the HA Veterans Cup in 1998 and 1999. The Ladies became Champions of the Worcestershire Women's League in 2001 and have now been promoted to the Midlands Conference.